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George Galbreath

G-Man's Impact To The Community (NEW LETTERS!)

From Greensboro Police Department

"George “G-Man” Galbreath will shares the lessons learned from his tumultuous youth with the young men. Galbreath is a captivating speaker who can instantly establish rapport with young men. His raw, hard-hitting discussions have changed the lives of many youth," GPD said in a news release.

From Justin

“My name is Justin, I am a student at the Score Center. I just want you to know that you changed my perspective on life. I have spent 6 years of my life numbing pain with drugs. The way you spoke today was unreal. I am truly thankful from the bottom of my heart. I finally understand that drugs are only a tool and are used as an easy way out. I have been thinking since this morning about what you said and the impact couldn’t be greater.”

(March 2012)

From Noah

“I learned that when you bully people and keep on bullying them they might could go suicide or do something like that. That’s why you should never bully somebody also I learned that people that bully you see something special in you like there jealous of you, something you have that they want. Also when people bully you, you need just to say I got the power instead of saying something else that’s bad.”

(March 2012)


From Ilse

Dear G-Man,

“Thank you for coming to our school. I learned that life doesn’t come at you like a present you earn it. Also that bullying doesn’t just the person your bullying it hurts the bully too. I also learned that when your mad at the world you can let your anger out on drugs or you will have to pay the consequences.”



From Noelia

Dear G-Man,

“Yesterday I learned that we should try our best, keep our grades up, and respect our parents and teachers. If someone bullies you just say “Fried Chicken Sweet ea”. I think that you coming was very nice.”

From C.C.C

Dear G-Man

“Thanks for all the good work to make my life more respectful. I wish I had never been a bully. I have a tuff life. Sinc me mom and dad got devors. It files like I am being left out and I take it out on other people. It makes me file bad about my self. I am glad that you came it changes me a lot.”


From Carmen

Dear G-Man,

Thank you for coming to our school to talk to us about bullying. I learned that most of the people who bully die early. That was something new I didn’t know that. Thank you again, this school needed to hear your speech.

(March 2012)

From Rayshawn, Githens Middle School

G-man was a great influence to me and hopefully all of the eighth grade. He spoke to us in an angry way but he wasn’t mad at all he made sure his words were remembered by everyone who heard it. There are many people who live like G-man used to but none of them could recover like him.

(June 2010)

From Yesenia, Githens Middle School

I think he’s a very cool man coming to my school and telling us about life. His words really touch me I felt like I could do something in life, tears came down my cheeks when he told us that I can be someone in life. and now I’m going do my best on everything. I’m going to feel proud when I try doing something and even though I don’t reach my goal I’m still gonna be proud cause I know that I tried. I told my mom about G-man and how we don’t talk as much as we are supposed to talk and now me and my mom are like best friends I finally know that I can count on her with everything all thanks so G-man so I thank him so much.

(June 2010)

From Makia, Githens Middle School

I thought G-Man was cool and real, because I don't know anybody that will come to a school and talk the way he talked to us and didn't sugar coat it at all. I loved G-man’s story. His story spoke to me and it was like a story I would relate some people to. It changed the 8th grade and the school in so many ways. I think he made the 8Th grade a better 8Th grade and showed them that life is hard. G-Man is somebody that takes credit for his mistakes and is not scared to tell nobody he story. I look up to G-Man in so many ways.

(June 2010)

From Chris, Githens Middle School

Well to me Mr. G-man was a great speaker. He had a lot of wisdom and he kept it real. He also gave us positive feedback on the real world and how life is. I thank him for the information that he gave out because it can be useful for me in the real world.

(June 2010)

From Christian, Githens Middle School

The G-Man is crazy awesome! He taught me good stuff but at the same time I was being entertained by how he spoke. He keeps you listening. Something lots of teachers can’t really do. I would definitely like to listen to him speak in high school!

(June 2010)

From Robert, Githens Middle School

I really liked what you did for me and my school. There was finally a project that I could relate to and to see a black person overcome obstacles like that is like becomming President of the United States. I was just writing you to tell you thank you very much.

(May 2009)

From Jordan, Githens Middle School

Dear Mr. Gman,

It was a pleasure listening to your stories at our school. It helped me understand that every little choice I make can change my life. It also helped me understand that I need to be responsible for every single one of my actions, and I can't blame anyone for my problems but myself.

(May 2009)

From Cody

Thank you for coming to our school. My dad has been in prison many times so I know what you went through so it's good to connect to your audience. Anyway thanks for coming to our school.

(May 2009)

From Andrea, Githens Middle School

Hi George,

My name is Andrea. I'm a student with Githens Middle School and I just wanted to thank you for coming to our AVID class to talk to us about things that can effect our life. Everything that you said was very interesting. I really enjoyed it! And now I see what little things that i do can affect my life alot. Once again, THANK YOU!

(May 2009)

From Ramir & Jamie, Githens Middle School

Thanks for talking to us because it helped us alot with what we have to go through in our lives. From you coming to Githens Middle School it helped me (Ramir) and Jamie how we can do things in life and don't let anyone get in our way of you doing what ever you want to do. Now we know not to be a drug addict or alcoholic and to get our education because thats your key and your heart keeps moving like you said when you showed us your report card.

(May 2009)

From Tyrece

Dear G-Man,

My name is Tyrece and I wanted to thank you for coming to my avid class last week and giving us a wonderful speech. My classmates and I really enjoyed it. Now when I go into public and I have a drink I Won't put it down. I will not let any of my friends pressure me into doing things that I usually wouldn't do. Speaking od friends I won't hang around the wrong crowd. See you around.

(May 2009)

From Tyra, Githens Middle School

Hi my name is Tyra from Githens. I have learned from you that not listening to other people telling me that I can't, and you have taught me how to be powerful in the area. Thank You.

(May 2009)




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